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The Riptide Cultural Values

Elevate your game to elevate the game 

If we strive to be the best at all that we do, the only by product of that is a positive influence on the overall game.  Women’s basketball has evolved tremendously over the years and we intend to continue to grow the game by increasing awareness around the constantly improving level of play we currently enjoy. 

Consistently Compete 

Consistent, healthy competition breeds success and growth.  If we compete at a high level in every practice, every play, every time we step on the court, we will be a winning organization.  We must be committed to being self-reflective and requiring of ourselves and each other if we are truly striving for the excellence we expect on a daily basis. 

Be a good partner 

We are partners to our teammates, community, sponsors, and fans.  We must be committed to taking care of each other on the court and off by being our best representations of ourselves.  This will only enhance the group’s character.  It fosters that sense of community that we strive to attain. 


We commit to never allowing ourselves to be outworked.  Period. Talent level may sometimes be beyond our control but work ethic and overall effort is completely within our grasp.  We must always put forth our best effort. 

Represent Professionally

 We must always represent the epitome of professionalism, poise, and strong character.  By being a great example of partnership and professionalism we automatically become leaders.   

Lead fearlessly 

We have to have the courage and willingness to stretch beyond the boundaries that exist only to raise the bar and reset the standards of today.  We have to push the envelope, be faith-filled and fearless.  Never be afraid to ask why not?  Anything is possible just make it happen!